Our Agricultural Drone Services

ndvi imaging

Crop Health Package
(80, 160, or Custom Acreage)

Choose this package if you want to evaluate your growing field's overall health. Our drones use near-infrared cameras, convert the data into intelligence about your assets, providing you and your agronomist with a wealth of information to solve real problems and significantly increase your yields.

What's included:
• NDVI & RGB geo-referenced imagery
• GeoTIFF and KML formats (SMS, Google Earth)
• 5, 10, 20cm ground resolution
• 5m cell shapefile for variable rate analysis
• 8-page flight report for records

irrigation problem imaging

Irrigation Inspection Package

Chances are that if your farm uses pivot irrigation/chemigation systems, a clogged nozzle or a failed segment of piping can affect your crop growth potential. Similarly, flood-irrigated fields may suffer from channel obstructions, or other issues that can reduce water flow. A drone's eye view is the best way to visualize these problems so you can repair them immediately.

What's included:
• RGB geo-referenced imagery
• 1cm ground resolution
• Polygon files of detriment, complete with area calculations (acre unit)

farm asset photography

Surface Modeling Package

Drainage issues associated with problematic field topography are common, and there are few methods to aid in mitigation. Using drones and photogrammetry, we can develop a precise digital surface model that can be used to identify problem areas, and focus on areas of erosion, ponding, and improper drainage areas.

What's included:
• Digital Surface Model (DSM) multiple formats:
• Georeferenced image with height classification (GeoTIFF, KML)
• Contour vector file
• Profile visualization of extreme regions